Bored Panda Studios
Bored Panda Studios is among the biggest YouTube and Facebook video producers and publishers globally. We operate such channels as Crafty Panda, Kaboom!, Hungry Panda, Lady Panda, and more, which are translated into 12+ different languages. Our most successful channel - Crafty Panda - is among the Top 10 pages on Facebook and is one of the Top 3 DIY Channels on YouTube. Our channels generate a whopping 20 billion views per year and everything is done by an incredible team of 200 passionate professionals here in Vilnius. Let's meet and discuss how you could help us grow even further!
Open Positions
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Temporary Closed Positions
Closed positions at the moment, but best candidates will be considered in the future, so feel free to apply
Frequently Asked Questions
Don’t trust us talking about ourselves? What about our team sharing their opinions?

Does Bored Panda provide any social perks like health insurance, gym membership, wellness programs, etc?

Bored Panda offers health insurance that covers the whole or a part of its employees' medical expenses in hospitals and private clinics as well as additional money for other health beneficial activities like massages, pools, etc.

Are there any career development and growth opportunities encouraged by Bored Panda?

Bored Panda employees can learn additional skills by changing departments and getting hands-on experience working on different projects.

What are Bored Panda's views on flexible work schedules and remote working?

Judging from its experience in the business, Bored Panda believes that the best atmosphere and results come from team members working closely together. Therefore, the company asks its employees to work from an office on a predetermined schedule.

Are there any company-wide parties and workations organized by Bored Panda?

Bored Panda organizes parties for its employees to celebrate traditional holidays like Halloween or Christmas as well as company birthday and other occasions. These include chill BBQs on our terrace and unforgettable multi-day trips packed with entertaining events.